Reminds me of Digital... and digital is probably a rebranded version of be... a multitrack I/O for board rooms bought in the late 90s. It outlived the building where it was installed, they don't makem like they used too.

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Minor quibble - Pink was an entirely different project that later became Taligent, the joint venture between Apple, IBM and HP created to replace both OS/2 and the original Mac OS. The Blue project eventually became Copland. Source: I was a Taligent product manager.

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I've been following the Haiku development since day 1.

I purchased a BeBox from my university when they were selling them at an auction. I purchased the BeBible (which I still have to this day) and really wanted BeOs to succeed. I learned of its sale to Palm, and of its demise from The Screen Savers on TechTV, and was bummed it didn't make it.

It was a late night at home looking for BeOs software that I learned of Haiku and have been following it since. 18 years and still going strong. Too bad it doesn't have better market share to help improve the project, but I'm glad the devs haven't given up on it. I still have it installed in a VM on my laptop and I fire it up every now-and-then.

Thanks for the write-up.

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Ad. the Bebox interior - can someone elaborate a bit on the piece of... wood? Inside the computer?

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Thank You. BeOS was and Haiku is still my favorite operating system, even though i still have to switch to my mac for many daily tasks like browsing, audio editing or ui/ux. It's less the charm of »vintage computing« and more the experience of the uncomplicated and handy tool i've always wanted.

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