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Oct 2, 2023Liked by Bradford Morgan White

OS/2 continues to amaze me in how few people know about it. It is almost lost to history. When I bring it up I don't think I recall anyone really remembering it. My sense is outside of the few corporate places mentioned and Microsoft's own dev teams, almost no one ran it. OS/2 Warp definitely had some fans in the press with the first release but after that it sort of just vanished. I remember IBM spending a massive amount on advertising for Warp across all media and their presence at COMDEX was crazy.

Also erased was the crazy commitment from Microsoft Apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint to deliver for OS/2. Because the systems were running in Banks and Hospitals the like, we maintained that same commitment to customers in Apps as IBM did. We were fixing bugs for Dutch banks and German retailers until the new millennium. Wild.

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