Abort Retry Fail is a publication that focuses on computing history.

Free subscribers get most articles, but all articles that do go to free subscribers are delayed by up to two weeks. Occasionally, there are paid-only articles as well. All paid subscribers receive all articles immediately upon publication, and they get DRM free PDFs of every article. These PDFs are available from the PDFs page on the site, and for series, the PDF is released after the conclusion of the series as a single PDF. Founding Members pay once and get full paid access for life.

Abort Retry Fail officially launched on the 16th of June in 2022. The publication grew slowly at first, but started gaining popularity with the publication of longer historical articles. That type of article is now the focus of the publication.

If you subscribe, you gain some benefits as stated above, but you also help to keep Abort Retry Fail going. ARF does not do sponsored posts, it doesn’t do ad placement, and it isn’t written by an AI.

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Abort Retry Fail is a publication about computing history.


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