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“It was, however, used in the first Apple I computers (later Apple Is were made with the 6502).”

It was used in early paper designs, but I can find no evidence it was ever put into a motherboard, so “made” is a stretch here.

“and the best darn keyboard ever made”

Typo: should be “loudest”.

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You’re right about the Apple 1, I even wrote that into my notes and my brain didn’t tell my fingers as I was typing. I have updated the post accordingly.

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Lived through this entire era, remember all the shifts & turns. Started with S-100 computer with 8080, TRS-80 with Z-80, Atari 800 with 6502, Radio Shack Color Computer with 6809, finally IBM PC. Worked at Bell Labs, learned Unix & C, programmed 68000 system for network design. Hired in Switzerland where replaced DEC PDP-11 microcomputer (yes we called them that) systems with IBM PC/AT’s. Was an exciting time, loved small computers & believed everyone should own one, which they do now 🙂

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